THE SPARTICLE MYSTERY, is a fresh and funny science fantasy action adventure series set in modern day Britain, starring a diverse ensemble cast of children and young people.

Like the first series, TSM2 was shot entirely on location – this time in the North of England – and will see the characters pick up from where series one left them, starting a new quest.

Series one began after a catastrophe at the world’s biggest science experiment, which sent all the world’s adults into a parallel dimension. Thereafter the series followed a group of children (the Sparticles tribe) as they set out on a dangerous Quest to solve the mystery of what had happened. This was set against the ticking clock of an imminent nuclear meltdown.

THE SPARTICLE MYSTERY explores what children do in a world without adults, when they are given total freedom to be themselves, and dramatises their greatest challenge – to save the world, without Mum and Dad.

Series One finished its first broadcast on CBBC and has been repeated several times on both BBC1 and BBC2.

Looking back on 2011, the critics at THE GUARDIAN newspaper named the first series as one of the top eight television dramas of the year, (the only children’s drama in that ranking), thus placing it alongside such prestigious adult dramas as Abi Morgan’s THE SHADOW LINE & THE HOUR, Paula Milne’s THE NIGHT WATCH and Julian Fellowes’ DOWNTON ABBEY.

The Sparticle Mystery was created and written by Alison Hume. Series 1 was produced by Stephen Smallwood.

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